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Are you tired of seeing almost identical Russian escorts in Delhi and want to discover something new today which can give you a firm arousal for sex? Your search ends here, as we are going to provide you something extra hot which can simply leave you exhausted! Yes, it's true you are at a Delhi Escorts website where you will get something other than ordinary stuff which you are used to of. Have you seen what kind of ladies are displayed on websites which have Russian escorts all over the world 🤔 ? Do you ever get your hands on such beautiful Russian escort girls in Delhi, India 🤔 ? You better know answers to these questions if you are a serious escort lover in New Delhi, India 😉 . When we saw the dearth of good foreign escorts in Delhi we realized the potential of this business and hence, we are here before you with the best Delhi escorts !

Now it's a good time to introduce myself 😘. I am Rina, in Greek my name means 'Peace' and in Hebrew my name means a 'Song' 😊. I am a twenty two year old arousing Russian Model from Moscow. I came to India an year back for seeing this beautiful country but later on decided to settle here as I love this nation. But as I am an expensive lady to maintain 😉 I need some good money to buy me a lifestyle I think I deserve. Hence I started escorting in New Delhi, India. Slowly but steadily my friends back in my country started searching for me and my whereabouts and when they came to know through Internet that I am a Russian escort in Delhi, they decided to join me here 😁. I seriously welcomed them with open arms and decided to start a Russian escort agency in Delhi with all of us together. So, here we are before you as the best and the most authentic Delhi escorts provider from Russia !

Now you must be thinking what is the difference between our escort agency in Delhi and other escort agencies in Delhi, India. You must be questioning yourself as Why you should take a Russian escort from our agency and not others? So, I would like to tell you something that you might not be aware of till now. Firstly, what other Delhi escorts agencies are offering you is not real Russian girls! Yes, it's truth, they are offering you Uzbek girls in name of Russians. There is a very bright chance that you might not have met even a single authentic Russian escort in Delhi till now 😮! So I guess you already got the first question answered but you might now be thinking what is the difference between Uzbek girls and Russian girls providing escort services in Delhi? The answer to this is that if you have seen porn movies on Internet and adore the way those pornstars do sex then be sure that you will get the same experience through us 😉.

During my days in Delhi working as a foreign escort in Delhi I realized that many guys in Delhi, keep looking for pickup points in Delhi for sex 🤔. But what they get in return is all ugly whores who are full of sex diseases 😷. So, it my personal recommendation to all sex lovers in Delhi, that you should avoid going to pick up points in Delhi and opt for a decent escort agency in Delhi like us who can provide you with 😍 beautiful escort girls who are free from all diseases. So, in a way choosing us as your escort provider in Delhi is also a healthy decision 🤝 for yourself. As you can see these Delhi escorts pictures, we have all real foreign escorts in Delhi who are completely hygienic and educated 👍. Our girls know how to perform an exhaustive sex session with you so that you cherish every moment of it and decide to come again to us. You will be glad to know that some of our clients who came to us as doubtful customers later on turned into faithful customers and then still later they expressed their desire to marry one of our Russian escorts in Delhi and today are living a happily married 💑 life with them.

Which Russian Escorts in Delhi to choose?

As you might be seeing a lot of ads on Internet promoting Russian escort services in Delhi, you might get confused as to which Russian escort is best for you ! Some are tall, some are short, some are busty and some are slim, so you must be thinking which one to choose. Even I will show you a host of Russian escorts pictures when you will WhatsApp me for getting our services. You may find it difficult to select one from so many. So, I am giving you an advise through which you will find it a little bit easier to choose a perfect Russian escort girl for yourself ! First of all, you should ask the operator Age of the Russian escort you are seeing pics for. This is because some are very young Russian escorts in Delhi and some are very mature Russian escorts in Delhi. Some people like school girl escorts or college girl escorts in Delhi and some do like housewife escorts in Delhi. So you should make your choices clear before the operator, so that he can help you out in correct manner. School girl escorts and college girls escorts are more immature kind of girls but they do have tight cunts. So some guys do like their kiddish behaviour as well as their tight pussies. Whereas against this housewife escorts are more mature and they have widely developed boobs/breasts which mostly all men like to play with. Although they don't have such tight pussies but housewife escorts have the skill to tame wild men and rule their desires. We have everything to meet your requirements. Even if you are looking for model escorts in Delhi or air-hostess escorts in Delhi we can help you out. This is because many of our Russian escorts in Delhi are big time models back in Russia and some are air-hostess with Russian airlines. We also have a wide variety of Blonde escorts in Delhi, Brunette escorts in Delhi and last but not the least Redhead escorts in Delhi ! So if you are taking services through our escort agency in Delhi one thing you can be sure of is wide variety. You will always see different Russian girls as escorts with us and can enjoy sex with them. Many of our clients are happy from us just because of this fact that if they are having sex with real Russian escorts through us and also because they will always enjoy fresh escort in Delhi throughout their lives!

What we have on offer for you?

Now talking about the escort services that our Russian escorts have to offer to our clients in Delhi. I must tell you one thing before I proceed, many of you being from India might not be aware of the fact that in other countries escort girls charge according to the sex services they are going to offer to their clients in the particular time paid for. Now as most of you being Indians might have seen tons of porn movies by now (as according to stats India is the biggest market for free porn online) you might be knowing what all is done by pornstars in those xxx movies. So, to make it easier for you to understand, those are particularly known as different sex services. For example, in a normal sex session with our Russian escort in Delhi you will always get a covered blowjob (blowjob with condom) but if you want a BBJ i.e Bare-back Blowjob (Blowjob without condom) then you have to pay something extra for that. Similarly you might have seen that pornstars take the cum in mouth when the man starts cumming, this service is called CIM or Cum in Mouth, this is also an extra service and charged separately. What I can do is I can give out a list for you to make things easier for you. There will be a separate list for normal services which will be included in every sex session and some services will be extra which will be charged extra. The list of normal services is as follows: deep french kissing, body licking, covered blowjob, sex in all positions (with condom). Extra services that will be charged extra are as follows: shower (girl will wash you from head to toe in shower), bare-back blowjob (blowjob without condom), ball sucking, anal rimming (girl will rim your ass), anal licking (girl will lick your ass), sex in all positions without condom, creampie (cum in girl's pussy), cum in mouth, cum eating (girl will drink your cum), anal sex, anal creampie. The extra services are always charged extra because our girls need to put in that extra effort to satisfy you with these services. Also in case you need some extra services you need to confirm with the operator first whether the girl you are choosing provides that services or not. This is because some of our Russian escorts in Delhi don't provide anal sex services, rest of the extra services are generally provided by all of them.

24x7 Escort Services in Delhi !

We are happy to tell you that we are the only Delhi escort provider who work 24x7 without caring about holidays in India. As you might have experienced this if you are an escort lover in Delhi, many escort agencies in Delhi don’t work on holidays like Holi, Diwali etc. But we are different from those ordinary Delhi escorts providers. We love our work and believe in the concept of work is worship and that’s why we work 24x7 to make you happy. Also, we are glad to inform you that we provide Russian escorts in Delhi and Indian escorts in Delhi both for Incall as well as Outcall all over Delhi and NCR.

There are many escort lovers in Delhi, India who regularly take Indian escort girls in Delhi to their homes or private place to have sex in Delhi with them. But when it comes to Russian escorts in Delhi they are a bit hesitant to take them to their homes or private places just because of the fact that the girls with white skin stand out in the crowd and their neighbours may come to know that they are hiring prostitutes in Delhi. Moreover, they can’t pretend to be coming with a girlfriend if they have a Russian lady following them, as nobody is going to believe this that such a hot damsel is his girlfriend.

So to help out such people in Delhi and make their work easier, we provide safe and discreet incall locations for sex with Russian call girls in Delhi. We do have many options of Indian call girls in Delhi and Russian call girls in Delhi sitting at the same place so that when a customer comes to our incall location in Delhi, he can select a girl from a wide variety of girls available. 

Mahipalpur Escorts

We cover Mahipalpur as our Delhi escorts outcall location. Mahipalpur the Delhi’s urban village is now the capital’s latest hotel hub. Once a village dominated by Jat tribe boasts of more than 150 hotels today where many tourists travelling by air, stay because of it's proximity to IGI airport and to enjoy escorts in Mahipalpur...

Aerocity Escorts

We also provide escorts in Aerocity which is another hotel area in the vicinity of Delhi to meet the growing need for tourism and as a last attempt by Delhi govt. to save its ever depleting air quality index and provide its tourists a less polluted space to stay nearby International airport (IGI). You can easily enjoy the company of escort girls here through us…

Dwarka Escorts

Are you staying in a multi storey apartment in Dwarka? Don’t worry we have incall as well as outcall escorts in Dwarka. The subcity called Dwarka within Delhi has come up with various group housing projects in recent years and people from main Delhi have shifted to this area in search of cheap accommodation. We started providing Dwarka escorts when we saw huge demand...

CP Escorts

Roaming in Connaught place and thinking of having fun with girls? Just give us a call we can provide you beautiful Indian and Russian escorts in Connaught Place. Our escorts are mostly staying in girl friendly 5 star hotels in and around CP area, to provide you incall services in CP. It's always a good idea to complete your shopping and then relax in a hotel room with our beautiful escorts…

We are a group of sexy girls from Russia who are here in Delhi to woo your senses! We have been trying to make the Delhiites happy since past 2 years now and have achieved good results in the form of more than 500 regular clients. So, it's not an ordinary job! It takes a lot of cum and sweat to reach here ;) . We hope that you truly enjoyed visiting our Delhi escorts website as we have made every endeavour to make it more and more interesting for you! To make you stick we have used our latest real and nude images of our Russian escorts in Delhi so that you can even masturbate at home ;)

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